7 Best Sites Watch Free Movies without Downloading (May 2020) 1

7 Best Sites Watch Free Movies without Downloading (May 2020)

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In the ocean of online movie streaming sites, it gets really hard for you to find a site that is safe for you to stream movies or TV series of your choice. Well, downloading is overrated. Why waste your storage with a lot of just when you can stream them online? Now, you might think, is it safe to spend hours in uncertified sites online! The answer is both yes and no. But there are a lot of sites which stream best sites to watch free movies without downloading and are safe too!

In this post, we are going to list out our favorite and safer places which are the best sites to watch free movies without downloading. So, without any further discussion, let us get started with the list of sites, Shall we?

7 Best Sites to Watch Free Movies without Downloading

The below mentioned are our picks for the best sites to watch free movies without downloading. All these sites are safe and you can either watch your favorite movies or TV series too. Not just that, almost all the sites here are plug and play kind mostly as you need not login or sign up to stream content, and that too for completely free of cost. Sounds awesome right? Let us get started with our list now. If any of the links are not opening, we suggest you try them in incognito mode or try using a VPN. If the links don’t seem to work after connecting VPN, feel free to write to us in the comment section below.

1. Prime Video

7 Best Sites Watch Free Movies without Downloading (May 2020) 2

Amazon is the biggest retail company in the world. In countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, this retail giant plays a vital role. Amazon Prime free was primarily launched as a free delivery service in the United States in the year 2005. Since then, the company has been in the rage of adding a lot of new features and hangers to its Prime branding. So, Prime Video is one among them. Amazon Prime Video is a leading on-demand streaming provider and is one of the best sites to watch free movies without downloading

Prime Video packs in a wide choice of movies, original content, and a wide range of television series’. Amazon Prime Video is considered as the best alternative for Netflix and is filled with more than 24,000 movies and 2,200 television series. Amazon is filled with top-notch movie titles like Joker, Interstellar, Jigsaw, and the high grossing television series like the Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, The Office, and the list goes on. Amazon Prime is made available as a website, Android, and iOS application, for Smart TVs and other consoles as well.

So far Amazon Prime is the best music and Movie streaming site on the internet, And we are sure that if you once visit the amazon prime website you won’t go to look for any other website.

Although Prime Video is a membership-based streaming service, it is one of the finest ones available out there. It is worth every penny you pay. The Prime membership you purchase yearly or monthly is not just for the movies. In addition, you will also get one-day delivery for certain products on Amazon.in and you will also get access to Amazon Prime Music which is filled with millions of songs released by Indian and International artists. Join Prime now and enjoy the exclusive benefits of movies and more.

2. Soap 2 Day

7 Best Sites Watch Free Movies without Downloading (May 2020) 3

Website Link: https://soap2day.to/

Soap 2 Day is one of the most misjudged online cinema or pictures gushing websites out there. Soap 2 Day is a basic site however with a ton of content to stream. In spite of the fact that it streams the content without consent, it is as yet extraordinary compared to other best sites to watch free movies without downloading. Like the Prime Video and Tubi, you won’t get an Android or iOS application here, however for what it is worth, you will get a nice interface with intelligent user experience by and a large collection of movies which you could enjoy in current lockdown situations with family and friends.

Soap 2 Day is the best site where you can watch the newly released cinemas, motion pictures online free without joining, without signing in precisely. The content is streamable in Full HD, Ultra HD, a couple of titles bolsters the 4K goals too. The site includes a gigantic database of the best movies and TV arrangement ever and you can watch without the spring up promotions of any kind. As referenced before, the general information exchange or login isn’t required here in reality. I would personally recommend everyone to try this out!

3. Watch Free.me

7 Best Sites Watch Free Movies without Downloading (May 2020) 4

Website Link: https://1watch-free.me/

Watch-Free.me is one of the famous and chief websites on our list of best sites to watch free movies without downloading. Although we have not featured this website in our previous posts, this is made into our list for what it brings to the table. The content quality here is unmatched to any other sites of this kind and will let you stream in the highest possible resolutions when you are under a good network backing.

The streaming qualities vary from up to 4K which is totally depending on the network stability of the targeted device. The choice implementation here is that the movies are sorted in a sequence-wise format. All the latest releases will show up in the first few rows and later on is classified by genres like Action, Romance, Comedies, Dramas, and the list goes on. This website arguably has the world’s largest movie collection hidden under the sleeve. You name it, Watch Free.me has got you covered with the title. The ads are also very insignificant or sometimes the ads are not at all visible.

4. SweFilmer

7 Best Sites Watch Free Movies without Downloading (May 2020) 5

Website Link: https://swefilmer.to/

SweFilmer has an exceptionally straightforward however wonderful interface generally and it permits you to stream content and is one of the best sites to watch free movies without downloading with a huge number of films and a great many TV arrangements and other video content stacked onto the site servers. Not at all like the majority of the online film spilling sites, SweFilmer offers a well-disposed UI with numerous classifications and sorts. In contrast to the Prime Video, you will have no need to purchase a premium or client enrollment here to stream the content.

SweFilmer is where you can observe new discharge motion pictures online free without joining. The membership isn’t required here. The information exchange or login isn’t required here positively. Yet, in the event that you might want to watch a film or a show from where you have halted, I will absolutely prescribe you to watch with signed in. The spilling characteristics shift from 480p to 1080p tragically no 4K here. Additionally, this absolutely relies upon the system strength of the gadget which you are utilizing for the gushing. The decision usage here is that the motion pictures are arranged in a square shrewd configuration.

5. FlixTor

7 Best Sites Watch Free Movies without Downloading (May 2020) 6

Website Link: https://flixtor.life/

Flixtor isn’t any littler service contrasted with any of the already mentioned media streaming sites above. Flixtor, as the name itself, suggests this is one of the most outstanding online best sites to watch free movies without downloading accessible for you to watch and appreciate the free film spilling without signing in. The content can stream in Full-HD as you would expect however the smallest measure of paces is required to do as such.

The one thing we don’t care for about this site is the advertisements pop up in interactive territories such as video places. All things considered, that is not a major of an argument here considering the content available. Besides, the advertisements are getting normal nowadays in all the sites. Also, there is no requirement for you to logging with your email address, telephone number, or anything. You could watch the content on this site without a need to sign in. Likewise, you can stream content from this site from any of your sight and sound gadgets accessible. The content in the site is ordered according to the class and anybody can undoubtedly work

6. Putlocker 9

7 Best Sites Watch Free Movies without Downloading (May 2020) 7

Website Link: https://putlockers2.com/

Putlocker 9 is our preferred site, period to watch newly released films online free without joining. All things considered, presently you may approach me for the explanation. The explanation can essentially be clarified in one sentence, Putlocker 9 is a spot for everything with insignificant promotions. OK, to be straight up, the majority of the sites where you can watch the motion pictures are either membership-based or loaded up with advertisements. The two sorts have their own disadvantages.

For example, a couple of individuals may imagine that paying to watch movies or motion pictures isn’t essential. All things considered, the others would resemble, for what reason would it be advisable for me to experience plenty of advertisements? Also, Putlocker 9 is one of the best sites to watch free movies without downloading. I as of late ran over this site and in the wake of utilizing it for close to 24 hours and a half, I could truly say that the promotions are negligible. At any rate, there are no pop-ups here. The interface is slick and dissimilar to different sites isn’t overwhelmed up with promotions. The controls on the video player are acceptable and responsive from both smartphones and PCs.

7. HD Movies

7 Best Sites Watch Free Movies without Downloading (May 2020) 8

Website Link: https://hdm.to/

HD Movies are also referred to as HDM. HDM or HD Movies is one of the newly cultured runners into the alliance of online movie streaming sites which has a huge fan base for their own reason. Like the Prime Video or Tubi TV, this online streaming website is not a subscription-based service. Like the Putlocker 9 or Soap 2 Day, this is not a site where only movies are featured for free. HD Movies or HDM are the best of both these worlds.

The website is really maintained well with all the latest releases featured up top alongside the other categories audience look for. But, like most of the sites in the list, this site is not user friendly. This site pushes the ads at every first click. But for what it is worth the content quality and streaming are not comparable with others. And this site is arguably one of the best sites to watch free movies without downloading.

We have also Complied a list of sites to watch free movies without signup if you want you can also see that because there are many users who don’t want to Signup to watch the movies, So by using this guide this will be very good.


So these are our picks of best sites to watch free movies without downloading. All the websites mentioned above are tested and used by our team in order to suggest you the best. If this post helped you to find you in picking the best sites to watch free movies without downloading, do show us some love by sharing this post with your friends and family. For more posts like this, stay tuned with us. Until next time, stay streaming!

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