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3movierulz.ts Website to Watch Bollywood movies

3movierulz.ts was launched several years ago and since then the web is so much popular to watch almost every kind of movie on the internet. Many users asked us to make a detailed guide on 3movierulz.ts so we are here with the latest guide of 3movierulz ts and if you want to know the different versions of this web than make sure that you follow this guide till the end.

There are many versions of 3movierulz.ts and we will try to cover all the versions in this guide, Make sure that you follow the guide till the and aslo don’t forget to comment below if you know any other version of the movie site. The 3movierulz website is basically used to download hindi, bollywood, telugu and all other movies free. If you are an avid fan of telugu movies then you might know about this website because here you can Download latest telugu movies free.

Before you proceed towards the guide it’s our prime duty to inform you that use of copyrighted content is an offence and we at gadgetts.com don’t encourage any activity which is against the government rules and regulations. This guide doesn’t gives any Download links for telugu movie.



3movierulz.ts can be accessed easily by going to the url which is https://www.3movierulz.ts and then you can find movies of your choice easily. Sometimes users report us that the website is uploading from past few minutes which may happen due to unavailability of enough bandwidth in the servers. So it is always recommended that you try to use the website after some time.


3movierulz.ws is another new version of the old web, You may see a difference in the design of 3movierulz.ws but the content provided here is allmost similar to the content provided in the old web address. Now after the new updates you can also download movies in your smartphone or your laptop in whichever you are wishing to use this website.


3movierulz.mx provides you a great user interference, as the website is hosted on new servers so speed is fast compared to the old websites. It is always recommended that you access the 3movierulz.mx in the time of night so that you can get maximum amount of seeders and your movie gets downloaded fully without any issues.


3movierulz.vt is our personal favorite as it gives you several options to download the movies and save it your device, The best thing about 3movierulz.vt is the ease of finding any movie. All you need to do is just tap on the search button and find any movie which you want to see.


3movierulz.pz was one of the first websites to bring latest telugu movies free on the internet, If you ask us what’t so special in the 3movierulz.pz so it is one of the first websites who update movies in just some hours which make it very comfortable for every movie lover because they can watch any movies easily and very short period of time.


3movierulz.wz is the another version of ws, This was the first websites which adopted the dark theme design, Also some of our users reported that all most every movie is easily available on 3movierulz.wz and you can watch them any time you want. Make sure that you use this web on smartphone to get maximum speed.

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4movierulz.ts is the latest version of website, as sometimes it happens that the web is blocked by telecome providers so all you can do is just change the url from 3movierulz.ts to 4movierulz.ts and enjoy streaming free movies online. Also as this web is new so possibility of this getting blocked soon is very less and you can enjoy it for many months.


3movierulz.to is the latest working version of the old website, we have personally cross checked the website and it is working fine, So by chance if you are searching for the 3movierulz latest address then you can see the new web at 3movierulz.to . All the new web series and movies are uploaded on the web and available for everyone.


3movierulz.com used to work fine when government didn’t ban it and since then many people are not able to access 3movierulz.com and watch latest telugu movies for free. However we have given several other address to you with which you can access the latest web on your smartphone or laptop pc for free.


3movierulz.tv is a version of the original version just like any other version , If you wish to watch any latest telugu or hindi movie you can go and search for that by entering 3movierulz.tv in the search bar and thereafter you will be able to access most of the movies free online. Also if you want to watch free movies easily you can see the article to Watch free movies online without signup .

3Movierulz.tv 3Movierulz.sx
Movierulz.pez 2Movierulz.tv
Movierulz.vpn 3Movierulz.ht
Movierulz.ps Movierulz.pt
Movierulz.pe Movierulz.online
Movierulz.pc 3movierulz ps
Movierulz.gd Movierulz.plz
4Movierulz.ws 3movierulz.ts
Movierulz.ds 4 movierulz plz
Movierulz.st 3Movierulz.ac

Many of our users also had doubts that is it possible to watch free movies in this web, So yes you can also watch free movies over there. Just search the movie of your choice and play that. If you are the one loves to watch telugu dubbed hindi movie than also you will love this guide because we have shown the way to watch hindi dubbed telugu movies as well.

Sometimes you may see errors like the Url has been blocked by government so to solve that you can simply try other versions of the web and play your favorite movies straight from the website itself. Also make sure you read the note section.

So all of these were the latest and working versions which you can Use to Download as much as movies you want to Download.

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